Tips to Save Money on Your TV, Internet and Phone Bills


In the past, people hardly thought about their TV, internet and phone bills as being a problem. However, after the recession, more people are striving to save more money. We are becoming more conscious of how we spend our money and constantly looking for ways to cut back on expenses. You’ve probably already gone through all your monthly bills in ... Read More »

The Social TV Strategy: How TV Companies Are Boosting Business


Most of us multitask when watching television. We usually have the TV on while using our smart phones, tablets or laptops. While some people may be checking their mail, chatting with a friend, playing a game or even working, others are on these other devices checking out or talking about the show they are watching. This is referred to as ... Read More »

Find Out If Your Forex Broker Firm Has Enough Funds


So you know there’s money being made in Forex. Between all the fluctuation of currency rates and inequalities, you know there’s an opportunity for arbitrage and profit. However, you also stand to risk losses if on the wrong side of the swings. Like any financial investor, you want to maximize profit while mitigating your risks especially on the Forex market. ... Read More »

Clever Ways You Can Use Social Media to Save Money


Social media has been proven to help people in a lot of different ways. People around the world have used it to connect and stay in touch, but it has also been proven as a valuable marketing tool and a great way to make a name for your business. One pro of social media that you might not have realized ... Read More »

Valuable Guidelines For Selecting The Best Forex Broker


Forex is the short form of Foreign Exchange Market. It is the world’s old and largest market thoroughly popular for continuous currency floating. Traders from all around the world sell and buy currencies round the clock. If you have decided to become forex trader, but are a fresher you have to consider many things before you actually become one. The ... Read More »

Five Ways to Loosen up a Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget

In this economy, money is tight. Most households are living on a tight but with barely any wiggle room. Budgeting is no doubt effective, but some extra cash every now and then would create less stress in the home. Unexpected things are bound to happen in day to day life. Most of the unexpected is huge expenses. Here are a ... Read More »

Five Tried and True Marketing Techniques That Work

Five Tried and True Marketing Techniques That Work

Though the Internet provides a platform for businesses to market globally, the Internet is also a tornado of competing messages. On average, those surfing the Internet see at least 50 to 100 endorsements, advertisements, and messages from businesses a day. Because the Internet is flooded with marketing, users tend to tune out any marketing they see. As a business owner ... Read More »

Money Management Tips for Students

Attending university can often present a significant financial challenge, not least due to the rise in tuition fees from £3,000 to £9,000 in the last two years. However, there are plenty of smart ways to save money if you’re a student, so don’t resign yourself to eating unbranded baked beans for weeks at a time. Be Prepared Despite the best ... Read More »

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